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smokey fire in kitchen

Why SERVPRO - Smokey Fire in Arnold, CA

There are a number of reasons for choosing SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties, this is one of many fire losses: The walls in this heavy smoke fire loss still show the outlines of the picture frames that were hanging there. SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties removed all of the damaged drywall in this home and thoroughly deodorized the building before it was put back together. Call 24/7 209-912-9205


Why SERVPRO? Food Truck Fire Cleanup

We've cleaned all types of structures over the years here at SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties including vehicles. This food truck was inside a warehouse that caught fire. It needed to be cleaned well enough to pass a heath department inspection. Why SERVORO? Becaus of the amazing crew going to great lengths for our customers at SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties. Call 24/7 209-912-9205

Why SERVPRO? - Area Rugs and Mold

Why SERVPRO? - Area Rugs and Mold

When you have a water loss and your area rugs get wet it's best to have them cleaned and dried professionally to eliminate any possible mold growth.

Why SERVPRO? SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties cleans area rugs, big and small. SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties gets it right the first time. Call us at 209-912-9205

Why SERVPRO? - How Fast Can Mold Grow? - image of mold on surface

Why SERVPRO? - How Fast Can Mold Grow?

Mold can begin growing within a few days of a water loss, as long as the structure stays wet it can continue to spread. You typically won't see visible growth until your property has been wet for a few days or more. When a roof leak occurs and the ceiling drywall gets wet, mold can grow from the top down then appear on the ceiling below.

Why SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties? SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties gets it right the first time for mold remediation 24/7 209-912-9205

Why SERVPRO? - Our Specialized Equipment

Why SERVPRO? - Our Specialized Equipment

SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties has the right equipment at the right time for the job when needed. Why SERVPRO? We will give you a piece of mind and get your home back to preloss condition.

24/7 SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras 209-912-9205

Chevy Bolt

Say Hello to Fiona!

At SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties we love Green and want to be sure our customers know when we're around so we decided to adopt Fiona! A 2019 Chevy Bolt EV Fiona will be one of our Sales and Marketing vehicles driven by Tina Hegwood our Marketing Manager. If you see Tina and Fiona out and about say hello!