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Basements...In California ?

While a basement is rare thing in California they're pretty common in the older parts of town here in Amador County. SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties has the ability to pump water out from a flooded basement 24/7 365. (Did you know that most of downtown in the Amador County area is connected by a series of basements built almost 100 years ago!)

Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment

SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties has equipment for every dry-out situation. Drying a wet attic can be a challenge, small spaces and access can be difficult. We have air movers in all shapes and sizes to fit the most difficult circumstances. 

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Water Damage - image of green equipment placed in home

Water Damage

SERVPRO of Aamdor/Calaveras Counties 209-912-9205 uses the most advanced drying equipment available for any type of water damage situation. Air movers help dry the wet materials while powerful dehumidifiers remove the moisture from the air resulting in a clean dry home!

Moisture Readings

Moisture Readings

When drying down a structure it is important to take moisture readings during the dry out process to insure that your building is back to it's preloss condition. Here is a photo of the readings from one of our dehumidifiers, they are used to reduce the moisture content in the air.

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Water Damage in Vehicles

Water Damage in Vehicles

SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties has dried down just about every type of vehicle possible. A recent heavy thunderstorm caused damage to a motor home when the windows were accidentally left open. It was a challenge to dry the vehicle out but SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties was successful!

Water Damage in Sutter Creek , California

Vacation Home Water Loss

SERVPRO of Amador/Calaveras Counties were called out when the owners of a vacation home in Sutter Creek, California discovered a refrigerator line leak had damaged their flooring. We were able to get the building dried out and the owners ended up getting brand new flooring!